You’ve heard the phrase “I don’t have enough money to pay my bills” before.

But with some of the best medicine for chronic conditions now available in Australia, you can’t blame yourself for being frustrated.

A new Australian Medical Association report shows Australians have no choice but to pay what they can to get their next medicine.

It found that only 4 per cent of Australians surveyed said they would pay for their next treatment out of pocket, while 36 per cent said they wouldn’t pay for it.

“If you’re a middle class person, your family or friends can be very helpful in finding a suitable insurance plan, but it’s a challenge to get coverage for your chronic condition,” said Dr Peter Jones, from the Association of State and Territory Medical Directors (ASMDC).

“It can be really difficult to find the right insurance provider, especially if you’ve got a long history of conditions, or you have multiple conditions.”

Dr Jones said he was concerned about the effect the rise in chronic conditions was having on Australians’ access to the next generation of medicines.

“It’s really important for people to know how to access this care because we know it’s not just for people who have an illness, but people who are struggling with mental health, substance use, depression,” he said.

The question we really need to be asking is what are the barriers to access, and how are they changing?””

We also know that the rate of depression among Australians is higher than any other developed country.”

The question we really need to be asking is what are the barriers to access, and how are they changing?

“The AMA report shows that the cost of care is not going up.

So it’s really hard to see the cost increasing in terms of healthcare costs.”

But there are many Australians who are going to be left without the next medicines, and that’s really worrying.

“Dr Nick Taylor, from Queensland University of Technology’s Faculty of Health and Human Services, said the lack of insurance for chronic pain was an “economic issue”.”

The current system is not sustainable.

We’re losing millions of dollars each year,” he told ABC News.”

This report says that if there was more money coming into the system and more insurance for people, that would mean more access to care.

“Dr Taylor said there was a real need to fund a better Medicare for chronic condition.”

I think we need to see a Medicare for all, because we’re at a point where we need all the medicines that we can get,” he added.”

Our healthcare system is broken.

We need to get it fixed.