Health officials in India are on alert for a new coronavirus strain that is making people sick.

The outbreak, which has been raging in the southern state of Tamil Nadu for a week, has been attributed to a new strain of COVID that is not related to the coronaviruses that have hit the United States.

The new strain is circulating in parts of the country, and has been linked to the deaths of some patients.

The Health Ministry has declared a national emergency, and is seeking people to stop using the popular herbal medicine dill.

The ministry is also trying to contain the outbreak through a “mature case” screening program.

The state government says it is prepared to spend about $20 million to test people in the country for COVID, a cost that would be covered by the state’s budget.

The health ministry has issued instructions for all hospitals to monitor patients closely.

The outbreak has also sparked protests in Tamil Nadu, where many people say they have been left with nowhere to go.

Health Minister K.S. Pradhan said at a news conference that the health ministry is looking into the possibility of using a mixture of dill and other herbal products to control COVID.

The minister said that dill has been used in Tamilakos, a traditional medicine, since the mid-19th century.

He said that the ministry is monitoring the use of dell and other herbs in the state.

A hospital in Tamilkattur, the city where a hospital in Chennai is now located, has recorded 50 cases of COVA-19, compared with the national average of 22.

In the southern city of Chennai, more than 1,300 people have tested positive for COVA, and most of those have died.

The situation in Tamilkan is similar in the city of Guntur, where about 1,000 people have been tested and the number of cases has been increasing.

At a news briefing on Friday, the state health secretary, S. Rajakumaran, said there have been 1,739 deaths linked to COVID in the last two weeks, the second-highest death toll in the past six weeks.

Rajaraman also said that he has ordered all hospitals in the district to close down, citing a “preliminary indication” of the coronaval disease.

He called on health officials in other districts to step up their response.

“We have to find ways to manage the spread of COVE.

There is no way out,” he said.

On Friday, Rajarman said that while the state is now in “an epidemic,” there is a possibility of the outbreak spreading to other parts of Tamilakas.

While the state government has set up an emergency plan to contain COVID and the coronava virus, the health secretary has urged people to take the medicines prescribed by the doctors.

The government has also set up a COVA team to monitor people and their health.

Meanwhile, a number of people have taken to social media to complain about the new coronava strain.

#COVID20 has reached a new peak in the South, with cases and deaths increasing.

It is becoming the worst outbreak in the history of the virus.

If you dont have a plan to control this new coronvax strain, please, get out of the house.

We are going to take you to the hospital.

We will kill you.

— P.M. Kambu (@PMKambuS) February 14, 2021A number of social media users have said that people are taking their COVID medication too late, or in violation of instructions.