President Donald Trump defended his executive order on travel from six Muslim-majority countries Tuesday, arguing that “people from that area should be allowed to come here.”

“We’ve seen a lot of trouble in the world and people from that part of the world are going to come to this country and there’s been some great trouble in our country, and we’ve seen problems in other countries, and the people coming from that country should be able to come and live in our nation,” Trump said in an interview with NBC News.

“We’re a country of laws, and they have to respect our laws, they have no choice.

We have to be a nation of laws.”

Trump’s order sparked protests in several cities across the country.

The president’s order also indefinitely banned refugees and immigrants from Iraq, Iran, Syria, Sudan, Libya, Somalia and Yemen from entering the United States, and barred citizens of the seven countries with terrorism ties from entering for 90 days.

It also indefinitely suspended all refugee admissions for 120 days.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.