The medicine stock of the Indian medical sector has been hit by a spate of deadly outbreaks, with many people in the country’s largest state reporting bouts of diarrhea and stomach ache that have affected hundreds of thousands of people in a matter of weeks.

According to a report by the National Crime Records Bureau, there were 6,632 recorded cases of diarrhea among the 8,521,000 people in India, with another 2,746,000 reported cases.

Of the total number of cases reported, 5,639 cases have been attributed to the use of the antibiotic rifampin, a widely used, widely-used and well-tolerated anti-diarrheal drug.

On Monday, the Centre of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Research, a government body, said that over 1,000 more cases of diarrhoea have been reported in Uttar Pradesh, and the state is currently on alert to curb the epidemic.

Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) general secretary and leader of the Opposition in the Rajya Sabha, Suresh Kumar said the situation is so dire that the government should not have taken a decision to release the drug, as the government could not afford to have a shortage of the drug in the market.

He said the government has failed to provide any medical facilities for the millions of people suffering from the disease, and that people in need should be given the option to get the drug.RSS has also said the state should have given priority to the supply of the vaccine to those who are sick and require treatment, and asked the Centre to take steps to ensure the safety of the drugs supply.

The party also called on the government to immediately release the antibiotic Rifampicin, which was the first batch of the medicine released under the national emergency that the Supreme Court has granted to the government.

The RSS also called for the state to take the steps to stop the spread of the disease.