The UK has become the first country to see a resurgence of a yeast infection that was first detected in June.

The man in question, a 28-year-old man from Basingstoke in south-east England, was injecting himself with Neosportif.

Neosportsif is an antiseptic gel sold by Neosource.

The patient is being treated at a London hospital and has been discharged.

The virus, which is thought to have originated in India, is now known to be circulating in the United Kingdom.

A total of five people have been confirmed with the infection.

The patient is one of the first cases.

The outbreak has been caused by a batch of Neosportedif manufactured by British drugmaker AstraZeneca.

The drug is a brand of yeast medication that has been available in the US since 2014.

In April, AstraMedica said it would remove the yeast from its drug pipeline.

But this decision was quickly reversed, and AstraNexus, a company that produces Neosportationif, said the yeast strain had not been identified in the first batch of the drug.

In a statement, Astrakhan said: “The company has taken the decision to remove Neosporterif from our pipeline, and we will be making a full withdrawal from it by the end of June.”

This decision is in line with our long-standing policy of continuing to invest in new products and developing new ways to deliver our customers and stakeholders the best possible drug and vaccine available.

“We will also be conducting further investigation and further actions to identify and remove any remaining Neosperfient-related risk.”

AstraZenecan have now withdrawn Neosportingif from the AstraPharma pipeline and are withdrawing it from the company’s existing distribution channels, and all Neospecies products will be withdrawn from the UK from April 28.

“The patient who had the NeosPORin injection has been hospitalised for observation.

He was not seriously ill and was discharged from hospital on Tuesday.

The use of NeOSportsif in this way has been illegal in the Netherlands since 2014, when it was banned following a public outcry.

The British government says it has no plans to introduce similar measures.

A spokesman for the Health and Social Care Information Centre said: ”This is the first outbreak of a serious infection with NeOSportif in the British Isles, and the Government has not made a formal announcement of this outbreak at this time.”

The BBC has contacted AstraZeny to ask why it was taken off the drugs pipeline.

The BBC will update this story when more information becomes available.