The best thing you can do to help prevent constipation is to take regular constipation medication, a recent study has revealed.

The study found that people with chronic constipation have a lower risk of dying from heart disease and cancer.

The results were published in the British Journal of Medicine.

They looked at the incidence of colorectal cancer and heart disease in a population of more than 11,000 people aged over 70, who were followed up for 10 years.

The researchers looked at all cases of colontal cancer, and compared that with cases of heart disease.

They found that while colorecectal cancers and heart diseases are often associated with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, they are more likely to be diagnosed in people with constipation.

The findings show that people who suffer from chronic constrictive constipation are much more likely than those who do not have it to develop heart disease or cancer.

People who are diagnosed with colorecctal, heart or other cancers have a much lower risk.

Dr Michael McQuillan from the Institute of Medical Research at the University of Warwick in England said:”It’s an intriguing finding.

Our results are consistent with previous research showing that people without chronic constraining constipation can have a significantly lower risk for developing cardiovascular disease and some cancers.”

But, more importantly, this new research provides important information for healthcare professionals as well as the general public about the best ways to manage chronic consticiencies and the potential impact of lifestyle changes on their risk of developing these diseases.

“The research was funded by the UK Medical Research Council, the Medical Research Board and the University College London.