In the fall of 2018, a group of doctors, nurses and others from across the state stepped in and organized a community service program at the UAB Medical Center, where they began to train volunteers.

In the past year, the group has helped provide medical care for about 1,200 people and has raised more than $1.8 million in grants and other donations.

“We’re a community, and we’re going to keep our doors open,” said Dr. Eric Schmitt, the center’s medical director.

“So if you’re coming to the hospital, we want to know you.”

A community service event with volunteers The community service training program at UAB was a natural fit for the organization.

The campus has about 100 beds, and more than a dozen of them are staffed by volunteers.

The hospital has about 2,300 residents, according to the University of Alabama Medical Center.

It’s located on the campus of the University at Birmingham and offers health services in areas ranging from emergency rooms to trauma centers.

In addition to the health services, the hospital offers a wide range of community services, including education, sports, arts, music and entertainment.

It has also partnered with the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs and other federal and local organizations to offer health care to veterans and their families.

Schmitt said UAB’s mission is to help people, not just the wealthy and well-connected.

“There are people who have the opportunity to go to college, get a degree, get jobs and move on to other things,” Schmitt told the news service.

“If they’re here to do that, it’s a wonderful thing to do.”

He added that the group’s training and the work it has done to build the UB Medicine Center have given people a sense of community and an appreciation for the contributions of others.

“This is the kind of community service that people will appreciate,” he said.

“They’re going there to get a better understanding of the world and they’re going out to make a difference.”