NEW YORK — For kids with pneumonia, the cough medicine is just the start of the treatment.

You need to get regular antibiotics to get rid of the virus.

The right combination of medications will make your life better.

Here’s how.

A baby’s first cough medicineYour first cough shot or injection will come in the form of a tube.

It’s like a nasal spray, but with the right amount of medicine in it.

Some of the things you’ll need to take are:A booster shot or inhalerA cough syrup or a shot that contains both of theseIf you’re a baby, it will also come in a nasal tube.

You don’t need to worry about the ingredients.

Just make sure you get the right mix.

If you have allergies, you’ll also need to ask your doctor to tell you what medicines you can and can’t take.

What you can do:Get a prescription.

Doctors will give you a prescription for cough medicine from a doctor in your area.

If you can’t afford the cost of the medicine, you can still get it from your local pharmacy.

The best place to buy cough medicineIf you need to buy a cough medicine in the United States, there are some options to choose from.

You can go to your nearest drugstore, or order online.

At most pharmacies, you will see a generic version of the product.

It’s called a “generic.”

You can also order from online pharmacies.

The best way to find out if a pharmacy has a generic product is to call them.

You should also look for a doctor who has a specialty in cough medicine.

You may need to go to a hospital emergency room or go to an emergency room yourself to get a shot or an inhaler, and sometimes you will need both.

For a child or pregnant woman, you may need both a booster shot and an inhalator, depending on the symptoms.

The right mixThe right dose can make a difference.

There are three types of cough medicine: a booster or an alternative shot.

A booster is usually the one you get first.

It can be given every day, or every four hours if you’re coughing a lot.

An alternative shot is a shot with a lower dose.

A booster can also be used every day.

You can order it from a pharmacy or online.

The first two shots will give a booster, followed by a shot every four or eight hours.

The third shot is called a combination.

The correct combination of medicine can make all the difference.

A booster or alternative shotThe right shot is usually a shot, usually a nasal shot, that’s lower in dose than the first shot.

This can help reduce the number of coughing fits you may have.

Most doctors recommend that a booster is given every four to eight hours, followed immediately by a nasal dose.

You’ll want to be sure you can take the correct amount of the shot, but it’s not necessary.

If you can cough a lot, you’re better off with a combination shot, which has a higher dose.

You’ll have to take the shot in your nose or mouth.

The nasal shot will help you breathe and relieve some of the pressure in your throat.

The combination shot is the best way for you to get the correct dose of the correct medicine.

It is also the best for people with respiratory problems, including asthma.

You may also want to get an inhalers shot, because this is more of a treatment than a cure.

The right dose is also important.

The difference between the right shot and the combination shotA booster is the most common medicine used in the U.S. It has a lower-dose version of a generic shot.

You get it every day if you cough a ton.

The combination shot also is the more expensive option.

If your doctor tells you that the combination medicine is better than the booster, that might be the case.

The difference is how effective the booster is at reducing the amount of virus in your body.

The shot with the higher dose is a lot more effective than the nasal shot.

You might also want the correct mix of medicine.

You need to make sure your doctor says which shot you want.

You might want to ask them to give you the shot with one shot, or the combination with the other.

You also need a doctor to write your prescription for the shot.

The prescription will include the right dose of medicine and what your doctor said it should do to help you cough.

It’s important to remember that your doctor may not always agree with the combination you get.

He or she may also recommend the correct dosage.

That’s a lot to take in, but the right combination will make all of the difference in your life.

Follow the steps in this article to find the right medication.