A new low-priced product can be just as good as a high-priced one if it has a wide range of ingredients and can be easily compared to cheaper alternatives.

News24 can exclusively reveal that one of the most affordable low- cost medications is being touted as a ‘gold standard’ in medicine.

The low- price, generic version of an anti-viral medication, known as Jaxam, can be used as a low-dose version of a popular high-price medication called Zivam, said Dr Javeed Kaleem, chief executive officer of MOH Pharma.

“This is a new low price in the global market, the lowest price in its class in India, which is the first time such a product is being made in India,” said Kaleemon.

The brand new low priced medication, Zivampartan, is made from the same plant as the existing low-price version of Zivapartan which costs around Rs 1,300 a day.

It is currently available at various pharmacies in Mumbai, Mumbai Central and Muharram.

Kaleemon said the brand new drug has a wider range of benefits than the brand-new high-cost medication, which contains 20 per cent of the same ingredients.

“It is a better product than the Zivipartan and its price is comparable to the Zivaampartans,” said the senior pharmacist.

The MOH Pharmacy in Mumbai has partnered with a company in India to market the drug in India.

It is currently selling it in three cities.

“The Muharlaram brand new generic Zivambartan is the best of the three generics in India and we are happy to share the benefit of this brand new product with the community,” said MOH President and CEO A Ravi Sharma.