In an era of increasingly complex and expensive health care, the U.S. is still a relatively untapped market, with a relatively small pool of doctors and other health care professionals.

As the Affordable Care Act (ACA) is slowly making its way through Congress, a growing number of Americans are increasingly looking to move from their current jobs to something else to help pay for their health care costs.

Here are 10 of the top health care job openings available in the U and the world, ranked by how well they fit the job description.


Senior healthcare assistant: In some states, a medical assistant can make up to $60,000 a year.

This position, which can also be filled by a nurse, nurse practitioner, or nurse assistant, offers an excellent career path and offers flexibility to work from home.

The average salary for this job is $55,000 per year.


General practitioner: This is a job that’s relatively safe.

In most cases, a doctor will need to be licensed in the state where they work.

The typical salary for a general practitioner is $90,000, and the average salary of a nurse is $53,000.


Medical assistant: The typical medical assistant salary is $54,000 and the median salary for the position is $45,000 in the United States.


Family medicine assistant: This position has some great benefits, including high pay, flexible hours, and a lot of time off.

A family medicine assistant can earn as much as $70,000 annually, and can even be paid on the job as a full-time employee.


Senior health care assistant: A medical assistant at a hospital or health care center, or a physician assistant at another hospital or medical center, can earn up to almost $80,000 on average.


Medical doctor: Doctors make a lot more than their counterparts at other hospitals.

A physician assistant in an operating room or a clinical nurse specialist (CNS) at a major hospital can earn more than $80 a week.


Nurse practitioner: A nursing assistant can be a very rewarding career path.

Many nursing jobs are also paid fairly well.

A nurse practitioner at a college hospital can make as much money as a physician who is a full time employee.


Physician assistant: Physician assistants can make more than nurses, but many nurses are also in demand.

Physicians can also earn as well as nurses, although there is a higher risk of serious injuries and even death.


Registered nurse: Registered nurses can earn anywhere from $25,000 to $75,000 annual on average, and most of them can also make as well.


Registered clinical nurse assistant: Registered clinical nurses can make anywhere from up to about $45-55,0000 per year, with some positions also earning more.