A Rockville doctor is calling for better treatment of patients in the ED.

The Rockville physician, Dr. Scott Blevins, who is also an OB/GYN, is leading the effort to improve patient care in the emergency room.

Blevin is an emergency physician who specializes in acute respiratory distress syndrome.

“I’m an emergency doctor.

I know the ER, I know what happens,” Blevinn said.

“I’m a trained medical professional.

I want to be a good ER doctor, and I want patients to have better care.”

Blevinson is one of the first emergency physicians to be trained in CPR, which is a lifesaving method that helps patients breathe through a mask and hold their breath while the airways are opened.

He also uses a robot that helps him get patients in and out of beds safely.

The Rockville-based physician said he is seeing more and more patients needing a higher level of care in their ERs.

“We need to have more ER doctors trained in emergency medicine and in the CPR and trauma care,” Bremins said.

He said he believes more people need to be in the ER because they have to get care in a hospital setting.

Blevins said it’s time to do something about the way the ER is run.

He is calling on the city to put in place a policy to help ERs train emergency doctors and nurses.

The city’s Emergency Medical Services director, Paul Feltman, said in a statement that Bleviks training and experience would be valuable.

“There is no better candidate for this position than a person who has trained in trauma, emergency medicine, emergency surgery and other fields,” Feltmans statement read.

“We are excited that Dr. Bremiks is joining our team and will help to provide high quality, compassionate care to our patients and the public.

The City of Rockville has an excellent emergency medical system that serves more than 3 million residents.

We are fortunate to have such a dedicated, dedicated and highly-skilled team.”

Rockville-area emergency physician Scott Bremin says more training for emergency doctors is important.

He’s calling for more training.

“The city has the opportunity to make a huge difference and I think the people in the community can see that, I think it’s just an opportunity to take advantage of what we have,” he said.

The City Council is expected to vote on a new ER funding plan this week.