The Canadian Medical Association says doctors are ranked in the top ten of all the professions in Canada.

It says the profession is ranked number one in terms of productivity, research output and career advancement.

But it also says there are significant gaps in pay between doctors and other medical professionals, and some doctors are paid well above the median wage in the U.S. and Canada.

The AMA says that’s because doctors are able to get paid a lot more for doing a lot of different types of work than other doctors.

“If we’re going to have a better, more competitive and more diverse economy, we’re not going to continue to have these large pay gaps,” said Dr. Karen Keneally, president and CEO of the AMA.

The AMA says doctors in Canada earned $1,722,000 in 2016, while in the United States they earned $945,000.

They are also the only specialty group to make up over 80 per cent of all physicians in Canada and earn $3,049 per hour.

The organization says doctors make up nearly 30 per cent for all jobs in Canada, and in the States, they earn nearly 60 per cent.