The sun rises, it’s the best time to go outdoors, the National Health Mission (NHM) says.

The Mission’s chief executive, Dr Gopal Subramanian, said that the sun’s rising is safe for outdoor activities, but if you have a medical condition, such as COPD or a respiratory illness, it may need to be cooled down.

“The sun is our best protection against the weather and diseases, as it is a powerful greenhouse,” he said.

“So if you are suffering from a medical problem and want to go for a walk outside, it is safe to do so.

But if you need to go to the hospital or are being treated for a serious medical condition that can affect your health, then you should get the appropriate medical treatment and use of an outdoor heating device,” Dr Subramani said.

The NHM said that it has also advised people who have cold feet to avoid the sun for 15 minutes daily.

“People should be careful with their footwear and wear layers.

People who have respiratory problems, asthma or COPD should take their air conditioner indoors,” Dr Srinivas said.

Dr Subamani said that people should be aware of how the sun is shining.

“It’s not only the temperature of the sun that determines your health condition but also how you are breathing.

People with a respiratory problem need to breathe out of their lungs.

The air in your lungs has a very low CO2 level.

He said that indoor lighting is also important. “

If you are in a low level of CO2, you will not get the full benefit of sunlight, and it will not help in the fight against CO2,” he added.

He said that indoor lighting is also important.

“There are many people who can not stand indoor lighting and do not get any benefit from it.

If you live in a room, you have to get some lighting in.

It’s not just the sunlight that will help you get health benefits, but also indoor lighting,” he stressed.

The National Health Authority (NHMA) has also started a website called Sunshine Day to educate people on how to protect themselves from the sun.

It said that to reduce CO2 levels and improve the health of the body, people should go outside at least every other day, especially if it is the start of the new school year.

“Sunshine Day website provides you with the latest information on CO2 pollution, how to reduce your risk of CO, and how to get the most benefit out of sunshine,” the NHM website said.