A dad of medicine has died aged 90 after developing a fatal disease that killed his daughter.

Key points:A coronavirus pandemic has killed about 2.3 million people worldwide in 2015.

Dr James Atherton, from the Royal Adelaide Hospital, died of pneumonia at his home in Adelaide on SaturdayDr Atherson developed a serious condition that required a liver transplant and liver transplant was unsuccessful.

Dr Aherton’s daughter, Elizabeth, said he died on Saturday.

“I know he loved his family and he had a strong desire to give them everything he had and that’s why he took the decision to die,” she said.

“He was one of those people who would do whatever was necessary to make sure that his family had everything they needed.”

“He had a great desire to live and I don’t think anybody could have asked for a better dad.”

Atherton was born in South Australia and spent much of his life in Adelaide.

He studied at the Royal Melbourne Hospital and in the 1970s began working in medicine, working on a number of cases of Canker Sore Medicine.

“This was a life of struggle and I was fortunate to be in a position to work with a lot of very talented people,” he said.

Dr Andrew Athertons father died at his house in Adelaide, aged 90, in 2015, he said.(ABC News: Josh Schram)”I remember him as someone who was always looking for ways to help other people and people in a lot different ways and that was something I will miss.”

He said he was “so proud” to have worked with Elizabeth and his wife, who were “great people”.

“We will miss her a lot.

She will be missed,” he added.”

It was a very difficult time for our family and it was a tough time for all of us and the community at large.”

And I know that she will be remembered as a great person who had a huge love for people.

“A memorial service will be held on Saturday at Adelaide’s Royal Adelaide Hotel, the home of the Atherts.

A spokesman for the Royal College of Surgeons said the organisation would work with family and friends to assist with funeral arrangements.

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