I am one of the millions of Americans suffering from a crippling disease that affects almost one in five children.

Colitis is a painful, chronic condition caused by a group of bacteria that lives in the digestive tract.

The bacteria infects the lining of the small intestine, which allows the digestive system to absorb food.

If the bacteria is not killed by the immune system, it can eventually cause the symptoms of colitis, including severe diarrhea, weight loss, and fatigue.

Many parents have to fight for months, if not years, to get the bacteria removed from their children.

In order to help their children, doctors often give them antibiotics.

But sometimes, these antibiotics are not helpful.

When my son had a severe case of colitonitis, I decided to see a doctor.

A doctor recommended that I see a specialist to help with colitis symptoms.

As part of that, the specialist performed an intestinal biopsy.

It was the first time that I had seen colitis patients’ intestines.

Because the biopsy revealed a large amount of bacteria in my son’s colon, the doctor recommended we do something to try to kill the bacteria.

My son was prescribed antibiotics for his colitis.

What I found was a brand-new drug, COVID-19, that could be administered to treat my son with the disease.

After more than a year of using the drug, I was finally relieved to finally be able to see my son.

We were so grateful that the doctors at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, were able to find a drug that could help my son and others who have severe colitis by helping them fight the infection.

Before the drug was approved by the Food and Drug Administration, the drugs companies were worried about the drugs being abused and causing death, but now that they have been approved, there is hope that this drug will help millions of people with chronic conditions and many other diseases.

But how effective is the drug?

We have a good idea of how effective it is because the FDA approved the drug for use in patients with severe colitonism.

So how effective was COVID, when used correctly?

The answer is that the drug worked well.

I saw my son at the end of August and I am very excited to see him again.

My son has been doing fine since he started taking the drug and is getting better every day.

I think the best news is that he is doing better than the rest of us, but the other people with coliton disease in the U.S. will continue to die.

It is a sad reality, but it is reality.

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