John Hopkins Medicine man Robert Morris has been accused of lying to his employer, The Washington Post reported.

The Post reported the story, citing unnamed sources, citing anonymous sources that said Morris lied to Hopkins when the former executive asked him to make a presentation.

Morris, who had worked at Johns Hopkins since 2002, was accused of deceiving the medical school.

The report did not say whether Morris had been fired.

Morris has not responded to The Washington Free Beacon’s request for comment.

Morris resigned in August after a Washington Post investigation found he lied about his work on a vaccine for the Zika virus.

Morris said at the time that he was misled by Hopkins and that he is not responsible for the errors of his former employer.

The newspaper also reported that Morris said he is leaving Hopkins after six years because he has not gotten enough sleep.

The university said it had not seen the Post report.

“As we have previously stated, our policy is to protect the privacy of all patients,” Hopkins spokeswoman Molly Wess said in an email.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.