Which Canadian doctors are the most successful?

The Canadian Medical Association says doctors are ranked in the top ten of all the professions in Canada.It says the profession is ranked number one in terms of productivity, research output and career advancement.But it also says there are significant gaps in pay between doctors and other medical professionals, and some doctors are paid well […]

Health insurer’s cabarrus plan gets $1.1 billion boost

New York-based health insurer UnitedHealth Group Corp. has secured $1 billion in financing from a consortium led by China’s Zhejiang Zhe Pharmaceuticals Holding Co., according to a filing with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.The financing includes $850 million from the UBS Group AG, $550 million from Bank of America Merrill Lynch and $250 million […]

How to use your sinus medication

When you have a sinus infection, your doctor may recommend taking a sinuses medicine.Your doctor may also suggest taking a drug called pyridoxine, which is a medication that helps relieve pain and swelling in your sinuses.The drug pyridine is not approved by the Food and Drug Administration, but some hospitals and clinics use it as […]

How to find a homeopathic doctor

The Australian Financial Press (AFP) has published an article that lays out how to find homeopathic doctors.The article, published on the company’s website, is a summary of the company website.The company lists the homeopathic medicines in question as: Theatrum Curculi: homeopathic laxatives, homeopathic baths, homeopathy pills, homeopaths’ oils, homeostasis devices, home-grown medicines and homeopathic supplements.This […]

How a drug company pays doctors to treat the ‘worst of the worst’

MEDICINE BUDDHA, NC — It is a common practice for medical professionals to provide medication to patients for free in an effort to avoid the cost of dispensing the drug to the public.But for doctors who treat a high number of patients, the practice is fraught with risks, especially in a world where pharmaceutical companies […]

How sleep helps keep you alert

The night before a long night at work, Dr. Elizabeth Kostyuk is not the type of person who spends most of her time in bed.She spends the day with her son, a little over a month into his treatment for an autoimmune disorder called rheumatoid arthritis.She sleeps with her hands at her sides, tucked under […]

How to prevent breast cancer from being diagnosed with bad medicine

Doctors have a special understanding of breast cancer and its prognosis, which means they can treat it with the right medicine at the right time.They’re not so good at diagnosing the disease itself, however.A lot of the research in the area of breast cancers is about how to identify the bad cancer and how to […]

How to Protect Your Baby from Pink Eye Medicine

The pink eye is the most common cause of child birth defects and can be devastating for a child.In the United States, more than 40 percent of babies are born with the disease.When babies have pink eyes, the affected eye is usually larger than the normal eye and the baby is more likely to develop […]

How to find the right medicine for your chest congestion

If you’re feeling sick, you’re probably thinking about taking a shot of ibuprofen.And that’s not all: If you get a chest cold, you could also be getting a shot in the form of a medication.The truth is, you need to get your medicines checked before you take them.It’s called the “pre-exposure prophylaxis” (PrEP) strategy.The plan […]

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