Which Doctor Should I Attend If I Want to Know What’s Going On With My Infant’s Cold Medicine Cabinet?

By now, you probably know that the world of medicine is full of dangerous bacteria.This is partly due to the fact that vaccines are a boon to public health, but more importantly, many vaccines are produced with a high level of toxicity and have to be refrigerated for extended periods of time.The problem is that […]

Herpes medicine job cuts could take a toll on career

Health care workers at the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) are considering cutting their pay to match their colleagues at a new position where they are not required to have medical degrees.The move, which could affect hundreds of millions of dollars in annual pay, could also impact the work of hundreds of […]

How to become a family medicine doctor

What’s the difference between a family doctor and a podiatrist?A family doctor can’t diagnose or treat all medical conditions, and they’re not available in every state, but they are available in many states.They can provide general medical care, like routine checkups, x-rays and tests, as well as specialized care, such as specialized ear, nose and […]

Dad of medicine who developed poison ivy treatment died aged 89

A dad of medicine has died aged 90 after developing a fatal disease that killed his daughter.Key points:A coronavirus pandemic has killed about 2.3 million people worldwide in 2015.Dr James Atherton, from the Royal Adelaide Hospital, died of pneumonia at his home in Adelaide on SaturdayDr Atherson developed a serious condition that required a liver […]

Are you taking the medicine you need?

More than half of the Americans surveyed in a recent poll said they had taken prescription painkillers in the past year, up from 43% in the previous survey, a finding that was likely fueled by rising awareness about the harmful effects of the opioid epidemic.More than four in five of those polled said they’d taken […]

When the sun rises: When it’s safe to go outside

The sun rises, it’s the best time to go outdoors, the National Health Mission (NHM) says.The Mission’s chief executive, Dr Gopal Subramanian, said that the sun’s rising is safe for outdoor activities, but if you have a medical condition, such as COPD or a respiratory illness, it may need to be cooled down.“The sun is […]

Which Canadian doctors are the most successful?

The Canadian Medical Association says doctors are ranked in the top ten of all the professions in Canada.It says the profession is ranked number one in terms of productivity, research output and career advancement.But it also says there are significant gaps in pay between doctors and other medical professionals, and some doctors are paid well […]

Health insurer’s cabarrus plan gets $1.1 billion boost

New York-based health insurer UnitedHealth Group Corp. has secured $1 billion in financing from a consortium led by China’s Zhejiang Zhe Pharmaceuticals Holding Co., according to a filing with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.The financing includes $850 million from the UBS Group AG, $550 million from Bank of America Merrill Lynch and $250 million […]

How to use your sinus medication

When you have a sinus infection, your doctor may recommend taking a sinuses medicine.Your doctor may also suggest taking a drug called pyridoxine, which is a medication that helps relieve pain and swelling in your sinuses.The drug pyridine is not approved by the Food and Drug Administration, but some hospitals and clinics use it as […]

How to find a homeopathic doctor

The Australian Financial Press (AFP) has published an article that lays out how to find homeopathic doctors.The article, published on the company’s website, is a summary of the company website.The company lists the homeopathic medicines in question as: Theatrum Curculi: homeopathic laxatives, homeopathic baths, homeopathy pills, homeopaths’ oils, homeostasis devices, home-grown medicines and homeopathic supplements.This […]

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