Which is better for heartworms: the heartworm vaccine or the heart worm medicine?

The heartworm medicine is a common treatment for the condition, but it is expensive, making it less common in developed countries.It is also a lot more common in poorer countries and it has a higher risk of side effects, including heart attacks and strokes.The vaccines are a combination of a common cold vaccine and a […]

Dog medicine to receive $4 million donation

NEW DELHI (AP) Veterinarians and dog owners are excited about the latest donation from the United States government to the world’s largest veterinary charity, PetSmart.The Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) has donated $4.5 million for a new dog medicine program at PetSmart’s veterinary clinic in New York City.The program is aimed at dogs […]

What is medical dropper?

MEDICINE DROpper is an interactive tool that shows you how to dispense medications.MEDICIDE DROipper is a new medical drozer app that provides a more personalized, easy-to-use experience for health care providers.It’s based on a mobile app that allows you to pick and choose medications from a list of more than 2,000 available, convenient options.The app […]

How the Trump administration is changing child health coverage

In a move that may make little sense in a world of high-quality pediatrician visits, the Trump Administration is now changing child medical coverage rules in the US.It is changing the way children with asthma and other respiratory problems are treated and managed.The move is not new and was already in the works.But it is […]

When to buy malaria medicines

When you buy malaria medicine you can expect a few surprises.It is not that you can be certain that they are all safe, and some may cause problems.But if you do not have a specific problem, it is worth looking out for.This is especially true when buying malaria products from a distributor or wholesaler.The following […]

An old medicine cabinet from the 1940s. What are you waiting for?

It’s a strange thought that the first time I looked at my medicine cabinet, I had a little bit of hope that something like this could be found.I was in a lot of pain, and had taken pain medication for my back for the past couple of years, and I didn’t want to feel bad […]

How to wake up with Strep throat and stop it

If you have Strep Throat and you’re feeling very tired, it’s time to take action.In fact, if you’re still feeling sick after taking the anti-inflammatory medicine, it might be time to check yourself.If you feel a little better, then it’s best to return to your routine.But if you feel worse, then there is no reason […]

Sleep medicine, ringworm medicine: A study finds benefits for people with sleep problems

Sleep medicine has been touted as an effective treatment for sleep disorders and its effectiveness has been shown to increase the number of nights that people have to sleep.Now, researchers have conducted a study that finds sleep medicine can help people with mild to moderate ringworm, a parasitic infection.Researchers from New York University School of […]

The 10 things you need to know about the vaccine for H1N1 — Part 2

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) has released its final guidelines on H1NS17, a highly contagious, seasonal flu that was recently confirmed to be responsible for a wave of hospitalizations in several states and a record number of deaths.The new guidance, which was released Thursday, is meant to be used as a roadmap for the […]

How the Zika virus spread from person to person

With the outbreak spreading rapidly, officials are trying to find the root of the problem and make sure people aren’t exposed to infected mosquitoes.The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is warning pregnant women and people who have recently traveled to the region to avoid traveling in the area.“There is a higher risk for transmission, […]

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