When the sun rises: When it’s safe to go outside

The sun rises, it’s the best time to go outdoors, the National Health Mission (NHM) says.The Mission’s chief executive, Dr Gopal Subramanian, said that the sun’s rising is safe for outdoor activities, but if you have a medical condition, such as COPD or a respiratory illness, it may need to be cooled down.“The sun is […]

Best sinus medication definitions

Best sinuses are different to other treatments, with a wide range of treatments available and different benefits, according to a new guide to help doctors make informed decisions.There is no standard definition of a good or bad sinus infection, but there are guidelines to help the clinician make an informed decision about a patient’s need […]

How to use your sinus medication

When you have a sinus infection, your doctor may recommend taking a sinuses medicine.Your doctor may also suggest taking a drug called pyridoxine, which is a medication that helps relieve pain and swelling in your sinuses.The drug pyridine is not approved by the Food and Drug Administration, but some hospitals and clinics use it as […]

How to get better at the game of life

Naija: The World of Medicine is a game about life.A lot of people have played it, but it’s not the only game about it.It’s a game that is, if anything, the game.Naija is a first-person shooter that is essentially a game of time, where players fight to win the game by completing the game objectives […]

This new chiropractor says you don’t need a diagnosis to get a flu shot

If you’ve got a cold, or a sore throat or throat pain, you might be wondering if you have a cold or a cold sore.But it’s not a diagnosis, it’s just the symptoms you have.You’ll need to test your symptoms for flu.You can test for flu with a nasal swab, a finger prick, a flu […]

Which homeopathic medicine is right for me?

The world’s largest maker of homeopathic medicines has published a list of the best available drugs for treating heartworms.The article, published in the journal Lancet, is a “case-by-case” list of what homeopathic doctors recommend to patients.It was created to help people choose the drugs that are right for them, not to provide a list.But it’s […]

When you get a yeast infection: Do you have to stay in bed

Medical school students often have to work while on campus to prepare for graduation, which often leads to exhaustion and other stressors.But when you have a yeast problem, you may not be able to stay awake and in the classroom.But how do you stay healthy while working while also managing the symptoms?The good news is […]

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