How the Trump administration is changing child health coverage

In a move that may make little sense in a world of high-quality pediatrician visits, the Trump Administration is now changing child medical coverage rules in the US.It is changing the way children with asthma and other respiratory problems are treated and managed.The move is not new and was already in the works.But it is […]

When Doctors Won’t Let Your Children Die From Children’s Colitis, a New Drug Could Help

I am one of the millions of Americans suffering from a crippling disease that affects almost one in five children.Colitis is a painful, chronic condition caused by a group of bacteria that lives in the digestive tract.The bacteria infects the lining of the small intestine, which allows the digestive system to absorb food.If the bacteria […]

How to treat a child’s cough

How to Treat a Child’s Cough (A Quick Overview)By the time your child is older, it will probably have started to settle in, so you’ll need to treat it now. The key to a good cough is to know what to expect. If you’re treating a child who’s had a cough for the first time, then there […]

When you’re feeling sick and not getting the proper medicine, get your cough medicine at the doctor

NEW YORK — For kids with pneumonia, the cough medicine is just the start of the treatment.You need to get regular antibiotics to get rid of the virus.The right combination of medications will make your life better.Here’s how.A baby’s first cough medicineYour first cough shot or injection will come in the form of a tube.It’s […]

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