Why we have no good alternatives to food allergy medicine

We know that food allergy has many health risks.But does it really matter?It’s a complex issue and it’s unclear how to deal with it, especially for those who are not already diagnosed.And it’s not only food allergies that can have an adverse effect on the body.The same is true of other illnesses.We have no scientific […]

How to get health care for your family

The family medicine doctor, or family physician, is the doctor who specializes in family medicine.It’s the doctor in charge of getting your child vaccinated, the vaccinations, the testing, the treatment of a child who’s had a stroke or is suffering from some other medical problem.It can also be the primary caregiver for the elderly, or […]

When the new kid on the block comes in, he won’t be the first one to say goodbye

The new kid, a family medicine doctor at the University of Pennsylvania, is expected to take over for the venerable Dr. Robert Nunn, who stepped down from the medical faculty at Penn in March.Nunn’s replacement, who has been in the faculty for almost 50 years, is scheduled to arrive in Philadelphia in the coming weeks.The […]

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