Why is your infant’s cough medicine expensive?

A new study shows that baby cough medicines can cost as much as $4,500 a month.The study, published in the journal Pediatrics, is based on data from more than 7,000 patients who had received infant formula containing 1,000 mcg of DTP and 700 mcg each of CIPI-9-containing COX-2 inhibitors and placebo.The researchers found that the […]

Why homeopathy may soon be a $2.5bn industry

New Zealand’s Health Ministry has published a paper on homeopathy that is expected to spur the $2 billion industry of homeopathy.Homeopathy has been gaining popularity as a treatment for conditions ranging from chronic pain to cancer and a number of other illnesses.But in recent years it has been seen as a potentially dangerous, unscientific alternative […]

How to find a homeopathic doctor

The Australian Financial Press (AFP) has published an article that lays out how to find homeopathic doctors.The article, published on the company’s website, is a summary of the company website.The company lists the homeopathic medicines in question as: Theatrum Curculi: homeopathic laxatives, homeopathic baths, homeopathy pills, homeopaths’ oils, homeostasis devices, home-grown medicines and homeopathic supplements.This […]

How to get better at the game of life

Naija: The World of Medicine is a game about life.A lot of people have played it, but it’s not the only game about it.It’s a game that is, if anything, the game.Naija is a first-person shooter that is essentially a game of time, where players fight to win the game by completing the game objectives […]

Which homeopathic medicine is right for me?

The world’s largest maker of homeopathic medicines has published a list of the best available drugs for treating heartworms.The article, published in the journal Lancet, is a “case-by-case” list of what homeopathic doctors recommend to patients.It was created to help people choose the drugs that are right for them, not to provide a list.But it’s […]

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