When it comes to pain relief, a modern medicine may not be so different from a traditional one

When it came to pain medicine, the term “alternative” was never far from the minds of many patients.In the past, many patients were referred to alternative therapies, which were often designed to relieve pain by manipulating the body or altering the chemical composition of the body.Today, however, many alternative therapies have come under fire because […]

New medical breakthrough could help people who can’t breathe

Canker sores and other respiratory infections caused by COVID-19 are a growing problem for people who live in the U.S. and around the world.A new new treatment could help, too.A U.K.-based drugmaker has created a vaccine for people with COVIDs who can no longer breathe. The product, called the SBSCOVE, is named after the American Association […]

How to pay for your next medicine

You’ve heard the phrase “I don’t have enough money to pay my bills” before.But with some of the best medicine for chronic conditions now available in Australia, you can’t blame yourself for being frustrated.A new Australian Medical Association report shows Australians have no choice but to pay what they can to get their next medicine.It […]

How to protect your baby from dog poop

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration on Thursday announced a policy change to its pet food that could be a boon for pets.The FDA said it will require all pet foods made before Jan. 1, 2021, to have a dog-specific ingredient, including a dog milk formula or an ingredient with a dog by-product, such as […]

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